Sneak Peek into Mexico: Expected/Unexpected.


A  sneak peek into our galleries as we finish installing works of art from our upcoming exhibition, Mexico: Expected/Unexpected. Beginning this Sunday, February 20 through May 15, 2011, you will have the opportunity to view the exhibition. The  works of art are  from the Isabel and Agustin Coppel Collection, one of the most comprehensive contemporary Mexican collections. Mexico: Expected/Unexpected will be shown concurrently at MOLAA and the Museum of Contemporary Art  San Diego (MCASD).

The exhibition destabilizes categories typically associated with Mexico and with Mexican art. It features works that overcome the concept of Mexicanness as a fixed category. The Coppel Collection surprises in unexpected ways. Likewise, Mexico: Expected/Unexpected proposes that Mexican contemporary art, like the global culture to which it responds, is unstable, rich, complex, unpredictable and constantly shifting between tradition and innovation.

From the poetic to the political, Mexico: Expected/Unexpected showcases key figures of the Mexican contemporary art scene, including Carlos Amorales, Abraham Cruzvillegas and Gabriel Orozco, among others. The exhibition contextualizes these artists in relation to noted historical international practitioners such as Ana Mendieta, John Baldessari, Gordon Matta Clark and Ed Ruscha, among others.

The exhibition also proposes short stories that echo each other along thematic lines. Painting, photography, installation, video art, sculpture and text pieces are gathered into sections.


One Response to “Sneak Peek into Mexico: Expected/Unexpected.”

  1. 1 Christal Perez

    I have yet to see this exhibit but I will be there this weekend!

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