Architecture and Design at MOLAA


Beginning in  April, MOLAA will present a series of architecture and design lectures.  Experts in these fields will speak about the various architectural and design styles present in Latin America,  while providing a historical context for the different style movements which have influenced architecture.

Contagious Risk will be the first lecture in the series and will be presented on Saturday, April 24. It will feature Michel Rojkind, Principal, Rojkind Arquitectos in Mexico City.  Rojkind was born in Mexico City and studied architecture and urban planning at the Universidad Iberoamericana and was named by the LA Times as one of the top ten architects to watch this year. Rojkind Arquitectos seeks new directions in architectural practice while evoking common identities through the exploration of uncharted geometries that address questions of space, function, technology, materials, structure and construction methods related directly to geography, climate and local urban experience. Their work has already made a huge impact on both the Mexican and international contemporary architectural scene, recently winning a competition to design a new museum in Mexico City. Rojkind has served as the editor of the technology section “FWD” in the architecture journal Arquine International, and has held teaching positions at several universities.

A lecture on Cuban Art Deco will be presented on Sunday, July 11 by Mitzi March Mogul who is President of the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles and a Historic Preservation Consultant. She will speak about Art Deco as a dominant style of Cuban architecture and examine its importance in a social, cultural and political context.

On Sunday, August 22 Rosa Lowinger will discuss Cuban Modernism. Lowinger is a recognized international expert in the conservation of built heritage, a term that encompasses art, architecture, museum collections and public spaces. Her lecture will show how Cuban architecture of the 1940s and 1950s arose directly out of the international modernist style. Lowinger will take the audience on a visual tour of Cuba’s most well-known modernist buildings such as Max Borges’ Tropicana Cabaret and Junco Gaston and Domiguez’s Radiocentro Building.

Series tickets are $25 for MOLAA members and $35 for non-members. Individual tickets are $10 for MOLAA members, students, and seniors and $15 for non-members. All lectures are from 2:00 – 4:00pm. For more information, please visit or call 562.437.1689.

(Image: Rendering Mixed-Use High Rise, Reforma, Mexico City *Courtesy of Rojkind Arquitectos)


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