Dialogues: Chapters of Latin American Art in the MOLAA Permanent Collection


A new selection of works drawn from the MOLAA Permanent Collection is on view now in the Permanent Collection Gallery. MOLAA’s new Chief Curator, Cecilia Fejardo-Hill, has curated the exhibition of 50 works which offers both broad and specific views about the art. The works span multiple periods, techniques and perspectives from the traditional to the most contemporary and experimental works by Latin American masters, mid-career and young emerging artists.

Displayed as an intersection of five simultaneous displays, the selection of works spans the decades (1930s – 2008) chronologically. They offer a wide  range of techniques from traditional painting, drawing and etching to newer art forms of video art, performance and digital photography; spanning from Abstraction, New Figuration to Postmodern expressions. Each display places in concert the old with the new, the traditional with the contemporary and experimental to provoke new perspectives about the art.

To pose a connection with the exhibition, Sites of Latin American Abstraction: Selection from the Ella Fontanals-Cisneros Collection, the first exhibit highlights works by José Gurvich (Lithuania b. 1927, Uruguay d. 1974 and paintings by seminal artists such as Joaquín Torres Garcia (Uruguay, 1874-1949) and Augusto Torres (Uruguay, 1913-1992) from the School of the South. Within this context, several correlating contemporary works are shown by artists such as Silvana Lacarra (Argentina, b. 1962), Edgar Guzmanruiz (Colombia, b. 1969) and Eva Castiel (Brazil, b. 1944). They are counterbalanced with two exceptional video works by Eduardo Costa (Argentina, b. 1940) and emerging artist, Amilcar Packer (Chile/Brazil, b. 1974) to create an extraordinary exchange between the historic and contemporary.

The axis of the display is the four intimate monographic exhibitions (including the first Gurvich display) which profile a collection of pieces by master artists José Luís Cuevas (Mexico, b. 1933), Roberto Sebastián Matta (Chile, 1911-2002) and Francisco Toledo (Mexico, b. 1940). Generating a new and unexpected visual and conceptual dialogue, these artists are juxtaposed with key works by contemporary video artists Javier Tellez (Venezuela, b. 1969) and Fabiana Cruz (Venezuela, b. 1984). This interchange expands the frame of reference and understanding about each artist exhibited, and generates a sequence of ideas and experiences that relate to modern and contemporary issues in Latin America.

The final exhibit is devoted to contemporary photography, reuniting a select group of photographic works by Atelier Morales (Cuba, b.1961 and b.1960), Amalia Caputo (Venezuela, b. 1964), Leo Correa (Nicaragua, b.1965), Roberto Huarcaya (Peru, b. 1959) and Veronica Riedel (Guatemala, b.1961), among others. Placing these photographic works together reveals common visual traits and calls attention to the primacy of the human figure placed in both interior domestic settings, and the representation of somewhat dislocated urban landscapes.

Image Credits:

José Luis Cuevas (Mexico, b. 1933) El grabador Gavarín / The Engraver-Printmaker Gavarín, n.d., RobertGumbiner Foundation Collection.

Roberto Sebastián Matta (Chile, b. 1911 – d. 2002) Sans titre / Untitled, 1970, Gift of Hector Ziperovich, M.D.


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