MOLAA goes green.


MOLAA has taken a proactive stance to help the environment while it helps its own “bottom line” through the use of solar power, water-wise landscaping and printing its publications on FSC certified paper. “Now more than ever it is critical for all of us, including the museum community, to do our part to save the planet”, said Richard P. Townsend, MOLAA’s President and CEO.

MOLAA, in partnership with Permacity Construction Corp., will be among the first California museums to use solar energy. Coming online this month with a photovoltaic energy system, MOLAA will capture the powerful southern California sun with a 50kW system that utilizes 340 solar panels on the roof of the museum. The panels will generate13% of the electricity used by the museum on an annual basis. Permacity will own the system and sell the power to the museum at a significantly lower price then its existing electricity. This relationship will amount to an annual savings of approximately $6,000 in electricity costs and allow the museum to decrease its carbon footprint.

The Long Beach Water Department’s Landscape Grant Program provided support for the Museum’s exterior landscaping as well as for the landscaping of MOLAA’s 15,000 square foot sculpture garden. The desert-like natural landscape design utilized at MOLAA provides beauty, low water requirements, low/no chemicals, low/no runoff and low maintenance. The Museum has been commended for its unique design that helps inspire people to use water efficiently, protect our environment and improve quality of life.

(Photo by Lisa Bevins)


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