Latin American art related news


Here are two links that I found interesting and that touch on Latin American art. Enjoy!

*This story talks about wealthy Latin Americans purchasing more art than their North American counterparts.

*Recently the Senate passed a bipartisan bill that will allow for the creation of a National Museum of the American Latino. The museum will be dedicated to the art, culture and history of Latinos in the United States. This person opposes it, what do you think?


One Response to “Latin American art related news”

  1. 1 Lenny

    Since I am the “person” who opposes it, just to clarify a bit – I have no problem with focused museums serving a specific ethnic, cultural or religious community, especially in those communities – such as the Museo del Barrio, the Latino Museum in LA, etc.

    My issue is with a “National” segregated museum in the nation’s capital strictly focused on one cultural, semi-ethnic group such as Hispanics…. sorry, Latinos.

    If we want to be able to see those artists, inventors, entertainers, athletes, etc. in the capital, then let’s get them into the Hirshhorn, the American Art Museum, Space & Air, the American History Museum, etc.

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